Every Tuesday at 6 p.m., the General Student Senate (GSS) convenes in the Bangor Room of the Memorial Union to discuss the state of student organizations and issues pertaining to the University of Maine System as a whole.

Considering that topics discussed this year alone included potential tuition increases, responses to the changes in the campus’ political climate, and the possible absorption of UMaine Machias as a regional campus of UMaine Orono, the information at these meetings matter to both students and teachers on campus; The Bangor Room would be packed full of concerned individuals and groups demanding to have their opinion heard.

Despite this, GSS meetings have been relatively barebones for the past academic year. Plenty of empty chairs sit around the tables, and the guest seats are only used by student organization representatives as the final step in acquiring funds from the UMaine Student Government.

“My biggest goal this year is to push boundaries for Student Government, and make us a visible group on campus”, said President Kevin Bois in an interview last October. “I know in years past, we’ve sort of transitioned into a place where people view us as a place to get money and have their events supported, but I know it’s more than that. Moving forward, we’re trying to do more on campus than ever, helping groups with on-campus events, but also doing events ourselves to try and make our student body more active and engaged.”

Can’t attend the next meeting yourself? The Maine Campus publishes a weekly report, available both in print and at their website, mainecampus.com. For those curious about what took place during this meeting on Feb. 7, the report can be found here.